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Summary of the Japanese Sports Press Association

■ Name
Association Japonaise de la Presse Sportive (一般社団法人 日本スポーツプレス協会)
■ Establishment
June 1, 1976
■ Corporation establishment
May 27, 2010
■ address
code 112-0013  JAPAN Tokyo Bunkyo-ku, Otowa,1- 21- 10   Sekine, number 603
■ The gist purpose
We establish the function of the sports journalist, protect and make an effort toward free securement of expression and report, and have for our object to have it and contribute to development of a Japanese sporting world.
  1. All contact with the related end about the sports coverage and negotiations
  2. Publicity campaign about sports journalism
  3. Qualitative repletion between the members to be reported justly about a sport
  4. The necessary business to maintain freedom of report about a sport
  5. International exchange and cooperation of sports journalism
  6. Establishment of a copyright and protection
■ Member
Regular member: 180  Supporting member : 19

Greetings from president & all about AJPS

The Association Japan de la Presse Sportive (AJPS) is an organization formed by freelance sports journalists and photographers in order to establish their status and protect their rights in activities as well as the freedom of expression and the press. Our activities, AJPS believes, have been and always offer some contribution to the development of Japanese sports.

Since its foundation on June 1 in 1976, the AJPS has grown into an outfit with 178 regular members, including those who are based in overseas, and 20 supporting companies, as of June in 2017.
Most of our members find their working field not only domestically but also internationally. Our activities and works have been recognized by the Association International de la Presse Sportive (AIPS), and the AJPS has become the sole AIPS-authorized body, through which Japanese freelancers can join the AIPS membership.

You can see these days that sports draw more attention from the public and take an important role in a highly complex and diversified society as a measure of appealing the dignity of humanity.

Bearing that in our minds, we are required to carry out our journalistic activities with wider point of views while improving our quality in journalism. We, the AJPS, would like to continue our activities and enforce our organizational structure for the future of us and sports.

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